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How Does the Crackdown on Opioids Impact Chronic Pain Patients?

Over the past few years, my physical health has significantly declined. I used to love being able to sit outside on my patio and read a book with a cup of tea on a...
stories my anxiety tell me

Stories My Anxiety Tells Me

You can't do this My anxiety brain tells me that I can't win the battle with chronic illness. It tells me that no matter how hard I try and how much I do, chronic illness...
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It’s Not Just What You See On The Outside

I don’t look sick, I look like a regular 20-year-old girl. No one would ever know that I am in a constant battle with my own body if I didn’t say it out loud....
Letter to Lyme Disease by Kelsey Cone

Letters To Lyme Disease

Dear Lyme Disease, You've been my closest companion and my greatest enemy. You've taken experiences, memories, friends, family, and half of my twenties. You've shown me the pangs of rejection, and the fair-weathered friends to go...

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