Watch our doc series, vlogs and animated videos that highlight pain and chronic illness.

Beth discusses her undiagnosed wrist pain

What No One Tells You About Undiagnosed Wrist Pain

The Waiting Game Life with chronic pain is emotionally taxing. This can be even more difficult when it's undiagnosed. Constantly bouncing between doctors and waiting extended periods for appointments can prove to be challenging. Unfortunately,...
My Doctor Didn't Believe My Painvideo

What Happens When Doctors Don’t Believe Your Pain? (VIDEO)

When doctors don't believe your pain. A lot of people with long term illnesses talk about the difficulties of being diagnosed. Chronic pain illnesses are often misunderstood even by doctors making diagnosis a lengthy process....

What Life With Chronic Chest Pain Really Looks Like

Emma Griffiths, a Fine Art Graduate from the University of Kent discusses life with chronic chest and back pain. We also worked with Emma to create a short animated episode detailing the struggles she endures in...
John Green - On Painvideo

Physical Pain Is Unsharable – John Green ‘On Pain’ (VIDEO)

“ have great pain is to have certainty; to hear that another person has pain is to have doubt.” Have you ever tried to explain a painful experience to someone? It's hard, right? No matter...
The Most Painful Things A Human Can Experiencevideo

What’s The Worst Pain A Human Can Experience? (VIDEO)

What's the worst pain a human can experience?  You must have heard plenty of arguments about this. I've heard women swear it's childbirth, while some men claim it's being kicked in the "you-know-whats." Maybe it's...
Mark Holley Crohns Diseasevideo

On Tour With Crohn’s Disease (VIDEO)

What's it like to be on tour in a rock band with Crohn's Disease?  Being told you'll have an illness for the rest of your life is a hard concept to accept. It can be...

My Lupus Blisters Won’t Hold Me Back (VIDEO)

"Lupus can take a toll out of you. It can affect you when you least expect it." 23-year-old Jokiva Bellard has had Lupus (SLE) since she was 17. It started as a skin rash and...

Guess My Disability (VIDEO)

This Friday's Video Of The Week is from Cut. Let me just say that I love watching Cut's content. Each video is focused on challenging our perception of various subjects. It could be immigration, the...

LUPUS: An Invisible Monster (VIDEO)

As someone with Lupus (or any invisible chronic illness for that matter) it can be very difficult to explain your condition to others. One of the best is through creativity. Short films and animation can...

My Feeding Tube Fills Me With Confidence (VIDEO)

"An aspiring make-up artist has embraced her feeding tube by glamming it up to create unique looks." Emily Jones found out she had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3 at 15. The connective tissue disease affects the...

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