Watch our doc series, vlogs and animated videos that highlight pain and chronic illness.


The Problem Netflix’s Documentary Series Afflicted

Netflix released a seven-part documentary last month called Afflicted. The series followed the lives of seven people living with chronic conditions. Many hoped the series would provide an intimate insight into what it's like...
Mark Holley Crohns Diseasevideo

On Tour With Crohn’s Disease (VIDEO)

What's it like to be on tour in a rock band with Crohn's Disease?  Being told you'll have an illness for the rest of your life is a hard concept to accept. It can be...

LUPUS: An Invisible Monster (VIDEO)

As someone with Lupus (or any invisible chronic illness for that matter) it can be very difficult to explain your condition to others. One of the best is through creativity. Short films and animation can...

The Girl Who’s Allergic To Everything (VIDEO)

Many of us will have the odd allergy to something. Nuts and pollen are the first ones that come to mind. But imagine being allergic to pretty much everything. 22-year-old Natasha Coates has Mast Cell...

Dynamo Reveals How Crohn’s Disease Changed His Appearance (VIDEO)

In Monday's post, I did a quick review of Lady Gaga's documentary on Netflix. I was really interested in seeing how a famous performer would manage their chronic illness. So today's Video of the...

I Design My Own Ostomy Bags To Feel Sexy (VIDEO)

Heather Matson lost her large intestine and rectum to stage 3 colon cancer. She now lives with an ostomy bag. The major change was difficult, so to make herself feel sexy, she started designing her...
My Doctor Didn't Believe My Painvideo

What Happens When Doctors Don’t Believe Your Pain? (VIDEO)

When doctors don't believe your pain. A lot of people with long term illnesses talk about the difficulties of being diagnosed. Chronic pain illnesses are often misunderstood even by doctors making diagnosis a lengthy process....
Beth discusses her undiagnosed wrist pain

What No One Tells You About Undiagnosed Wrist Pain

The Waiting Game Life with chronic pain is emotionally taxing. This can be even more difficult when it's undiagnosed. Constantly bouncing between doctors and waiting extended periods for appointments can prove to be challenging. Unfortunately,...
Jennifer Brea TED Talkvideo

Jennifer Brea TED Talk (VIDEO)

Six years ago, Jennifer Brea became progressively ill with ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome If you haven't heard of Jennifer Brea yet, I'm not sure where you've been. In 2017 she released her first feature...

What Is Sickle Cell Anemia? How Do You Get It? (VIDEO)

Since starting You Look Okay To Me, I've been able to learn more about so many chronic illnesses. One that seems to have fallen under the radar is Sickle Cell. So that's probably a...

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