You Look Okay To Me is the online platform for pain and chronic illness. On this blog, you will find posts about chronic illness and it’s relation to tech, art, culture, film and more. You’ll also see tips and personal stories about what it’s like to live with a long-term condition.

I’m interested in hearing from people living with chronic illnesses as well as professionals in the medical, health or wellness industries.

Contribution Guidelines

If you would like to submit a guest post to this blog, follow the instructions below for consideration.  Only guest posts that meet the criteria will be considered for publishing.

  • The post must be useful or informative to the readers.
  • The post must not include marketing-related links and must not be entirely self-promotional.
  • Please do your best to make sure the post is grammatically correct.
  • Be sure to write an original post that has not been featured elsewhere.
  • If possible, please send me examples of previous posts.
  • You may link to previous posts you have written (providing they are relevant).
  • You may link to external sources (providing they are relevant).
  • Please provide links to the original source of any facts stated in your post. Please ensure they are from reliable sources.
  • Include any images you would like to include in your blog post (this is not essential). Make sure to attribute the correct source.
  • Remember to be unique. I like posts to be informative but relatable. Use your personal voice. Readers want to know about your experiences and perspective.
  • Payment will not be offered to guest bloggers.

Style Guide

  • 300-600 words.
  • Titles should be no more than 70 characters.
  • Bullet points should be used for lists.

Guest Author Bio

At the end of your post, please write a short bio (approximately 100 words). Feel free to include links to your website, blog and social media platforms.

Include a picture of yourself to be posted along with the written bio.

Promotion and Distribution

Content on this blog (including your submission) may be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It may get picked up (syndicated) by other blogs.

Please feel free to share your post through links on social media.

The Submission Process

1. Send your content to  A word document is preferred.

2. You will then receive an email of confirmation and further instructions (if any) or a polite decline with comments.

4. Your content will be posted as soon as appropriate.

5. I reserve the right to edit the content for grammar, relevance, voice, clarity.