On Tour With Crohn’s Disease (VIDEO)

What’s it like to be on tour in a rock band with Crohn’s Disease? 

Being told you’ll have an illness for the rest of your life is a hard concept to accept. It can be easy to think of all the things you won’t be able to do. Some people, however, take a different approach.

Mark Holley is a member of the band Black Foxxes and takes us on tour with him in this short documentary by BBC Newsbeat. We get to see how Crohn’s Disease affects him physically, emotionally and in his career. We also learn how the disease affects other people differently and look into the mental side effects that come with the illness.

Mark found out he had Crohn’s at 21. He has regular treatments every six weeks to control the illness. During filming, despite treatment, he experiences a medical setback. This just shows how unpredictable and frustrating diseases like Crohn’s and many others can be.

Mark’s positive outlook on his condition and determination to perform is an inspiration to many young creatives with long-term illnesses. He shows it can be possible to go for the career you want in life, it just may require some adjustments.